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A la carte menu

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Full Menu: CHF 38.-

Starter/ Main course or Main course/ Dessert: CHF 32.-

Daily special: CHF 24.-


Jerusalem artichoke creamy soup, watercress & hazelnut oil drops, and
caramelised puff corn with fleur de sel. CHF 19.-

63-degree-egg from Abbaye’s farm, light potato mousse flavoured with hay,
seed granola & crispy bacon. CHF 24.-

Crunchy potato waffle with herbs, smoked Féra fish from Lake Léman,
beetroot mousse with horseradish, multicolour pickles. CHF 26.-

Candied duck legs in terrine style with foie gras,
orange butternut marmalade, and toast. CHF 28.-

Rampon lettuce & vegetable pickles, and cheese Malakoff. CHF 16.-



Cod fish cooked with olive oil, candied local fennel,
green anise brandade, fish soup sauce. CHF 48.-

Lean fish roasted on the skin, a la plancha leeks,
mashed potatoes, citrus sauce with Cumeo black pepper. CHF 46.-

Roasted scallops with parsley crispy toast,
Jerusalem artichoke marmalade with rosemary, pumpkin gnocchi and tonka bean sauce. CHF 46.-

24 hour candied pork shoulder 24 hours with wild mushrooms,
seasonal vegetable purée, chips & gravy sauce. CHF 46.-

Local poultry in 2 ways: breast cooked at low temperature,
stuffed pastilla with sweet spices and candied leg,
fennel and mashed potatoes with green anise, cinnamon leave sauce. CHF 48.-

A la plancha beef fillet, Jérusalem artichoke marmalade, pumpkin gnocchi,
And tonka bean sauce. CHF 50.-



Seasonal vegetable crumble, roasted hazelnuts, & Jérusalem artichoke creamy soup. CHF 28.-

Rampon lettuce & vegetable pickles, cheese Malakoff, 63°c Farm egg. CHF 26.-


Cheese plate (3 different kinds) CHF 12.-

Warm “70% Bassam” chocolate fondant and homemade vanilla ice cream. CHF 16.-

Apple and caramelised pecan nut tart, white chocolate mousse, apple sorbet. CHF 16.-

Poached tangerine with Badiane anise, cheesecake with lime,
speculoos biscuit, and tangerine sorbet. CHF 16.-

Homemade ice creams and sorbets. (3 scoops)
Vanilla, chocolate, mocha, pistachio, yuzu lemon, red fruits, yogurt/verbena. CHF 16.-