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A la carte menu

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Full Menu: CHF 38.-

Starter/ Main course or Main course/ Dessert: CHF 32.-

Daily special: CHF 24.-


Tomato gazpacho, crunchy vegetables and basil powder,
black olive tapenade and homemade focaccia. CHF 14.-

63° farm egg, salad foam, beetroot pickles.CHF 16.-

Melon carpaccio, burratina cheese with olive oil and salt flower,
homemade sundried meat, balsamic sorbet. CHF 20.-

Zucchini and blanc-mange, marinated salmon and herring’s eggs, crunchy vegetables. CHF 24.-


Grilled tuna fish, stuffed zucchini flower, chickpea fries and homemade green ketchup.. CHF 40.-

A la plancha octopus tentacles, grémolata and crunchy vegetables dressing,
mashed potatoes. CHF 38.-

Cod fish cooked at low temperature, chanterelle mushrooms and purple artichoke,
stuffed potatoes with brandade, sage sauce. CHF 42.-

Veal in "Cordon bleu" style with sundried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese,
homemade green ketchup, mashed potatoes. CHF 38.-

Pork filet cooked at low temperature, chanterelle mushrooms and young vegetables,
roasted potatoes and sage sauce. CHF 44.-

Beef fillet in a tagliata way, gremolata and crunchy vegetables dressing,
stuffed zucchini flower, chickpea fries. CHF 48.-


Crunchy vegetables and young leaves salad, perfect egg, gremolata dressing. CHF 14.-/26.-

Stuffed zucchini flower on Provençal way, chickpea fries, chanterelle mushrooms,
violet artichoke and roasted new potatoes. CHF 28.-


Cheese plate (3 different kinds) CHF 10.-

Warm “70% Bassam” chocolate fondant and homemade pistachio ice cream. CHF 15.-

Blueberry shortbread, lime cheesecake, elderflower coulis. CHF 15.-

Homemade ice-creams and sorbets. (3 scoops)

Vanilla, chocolate, mocha, pistachio, lemon, strawberry/basil, yogurt/verbena. CHF 15.-